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Computer Labs

Computer Lab

Computer lab is a space where computer services are provided to a defined community. The college has high-tech computer lab with more than 40 advanced computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, printers, scanners and photocopying machine etc. All are the back bone of our infrastructure. Advance Computer lab is equipped with 40+ computers with advanced configurations,  audio – visual projection facilities and a central data archiving center.

Computer Lab Rules

  • Each Student may only use one computer at a time.
  • Computers and peripherals are not to be moved or reconfigured without approval of Lab and Classrooms staff.
  • Students may not install software on lab computers. …
  • The use of Extra Pen Drive is not allowed in computer classrooms and labs.
  • Food is generally not allowed in computer labs, though some exceptions may apply. Check with staff to determine THAT lab’s policy.
  • Violation of any of the above rules may result in disciplinary action and the loss of lab privileges.


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